Hello, I am Bryan.

I am a photographer. I've been doing this business for seven years. When I started doing photography, it was really hard at first. I woke up, picked up my camera, and practiced consistently. Eventually, everything worked out for me in the long run. I had a great mentor his name was John Lee he taught me everything he knew about photography and I was really grateful for that. My mentor told me this, “It's not about the gear, it's mostly about our vision, what we see in photography, and that's how you bring it to life” and that's what I did. And to all photographers, just remember there is no such thing as a great photo. As a photographer, you have to make it look great because you're the person who's carrying the camera. Last but not least, don't stop telling your stories because this story has just begun.

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"Welcome to my adventure"

—Bryan Cody Garcia